ETS 3f

What is ETS?
ETS is the tool for designing and deploying KNX installations. To exploit the potential of KNX, you need a good overview and management of included products and features.

At ETS 3, you can add your products and build up your functions as you wish and then deploy your KNX installation.


ETS version
ETS 3 has been developed in several stages, the current version is ETS 3f. To install ETS 3, always download the latest version of the KNX website,


The planning in the ETS
The design in the ETS takes place in several stages and is adapted to the size of the project . The main steps are:

  • Building Structure (Building Topology)
    It will facilitate to have a clear picture of the real building. In ETS 3, you can build a structure of buildings, parts, floors and rooms. This structure is a good tool at this point.  
  • Insert Products (import)
    Then the products inserted in the installation. Data for these products may be obtained from the manufacturer.
  • Device settings
    All products have settings that determines how they will function later on in the KNX installation. These settings look very different depending on the product and the product type.
  • Group Addresses
    All products and their respective function that shall work together are the linked and associated with group addresses. The last step is to create and link these addresses..

To learn more about ETS planning, you can easily take the online course
ETS 3 Planning.


Connection to KNX
To communicate with the KNX bus requires that the ETS is getting connected via an interface. The various interfaces are:

  • RS232
  • USB
  • IP Interface or IP router

ETS 3 f version can handle all of these interfaces.


Additional features
In addition to design and commissioning ETS 3 also have several tools for diagnosis. These are useful for troubleshooting an installation or to control and diagnose the traffic on the bus.


ETS 3f can be downloaded directly from KNX. During installation the program is automatically into demo mode. This mode has not to ability to bus access.

To unlock the ETS 3f use the built-in licensing tool.

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