What is meant with media?
KNX can use several different media for bus communication. With the media refers to the technology that is built up by the bus, the ways in which data is transferred physically.


Support for various media
The most common media is the KNX bus cable with a red-black bus pair. But there are also other types of media to use in a KNX installation.

These are currently available:

    TP, bus cable, a 2-wire bus installed with a separate bus cable developed for KNX

    PL, power line, here is the existing 230 network used to transfer data

    RF, radio, wireless media with a battery-operated push buttons, etc. remote control

    IP, networked, IP networking products use the property for KNX communication


Various media in the same installation
It is fully possible to mix multiple media in the same KNX installation. As an exampla twisted pair bus cable can be used together with products for RF or Powerline.

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