What is visualization?
In a KNX installation it is possible to find out the status of included products/features. All status, ie. condition and values, can be displayed in a visualization. This visualization is available as a separate product in the KNX system but can also exist in a PC connected to the system.


Example of status

This can be viewed in a visualization, for example:

  • Lights are on/off - lights in all parts of the property can be viewed in the same place
  • Brightness for dimmed lighting - are shown in 0-100%
  • Temperatures in rooms - if heat control is used current temperature can be shown
  • Weather data from Weather Station - outside temperature, light level, wind speed, rain
  • Energy values of the energy meter - the user can be aware of his current energy consumption
  • Alarm - burglar alarm activated, if windows are open/closed
  • Others - state for all other functions

All features that are shown in the visualization usually also can be controlled from there.


Examples of products with visualization
Visualization is available in push buttons with display element, smaller displays, touch panels or visualization applications on the PC. An example of visualization for PC is mControl with support for KNX.

The choice of visualisation and the performance of this can easily be adapted to each individual project and further more to the customer's requirements and needs.


Benefits with Visualization
The major benefits of a visualization is that the user easily can recognize and get an overview of its entire system from one single location.

If control also is available the user may directly adjust lighting, heat, etc. and see how the status changes.

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