On-demand KNX Tutor training

We can offer on-demand training, in addition to the scheduled training sessions, when you have a larger group which needs to be trained to KNX Tutor level.

We offer tutor training seminar and following examination test and when passed we are accredited to issue KNX Tutor certificate.

Tekniska Byrån has trained people from different parts of the world from south America, middle east, asia, Europe and so on.

The training can either be held in our training center in Sweden or somewhere else worldwide.

As we know how to startup, administer, maintain an develop KNX training center we can also give you more support in addtion to the training.

Please send in your inquiry with number of persons, location and desired point in time to us, info@tekniskabyran.se (Please ensure that you get response from us so the mail transmission has been successful) or contact us by phone +46 383 46 49 00.