Training Center Managment
Basic Online System

As with the with the management system, We have putted a Basic Online course in the cloud for you - and you can use it to prepare your students.

The students went for the Basic Online Course and;
- this reduces the studens time spent at the course,
- at the same time it reduces your workload,
- an increases your capacity to have more courses

Of course some want to go for a non-online course as usual at your training center. This Basic Online is a complementary fast alternative.

We ensure that the students will go through an number of test and final test. They will have us or you as contact regarding questions during the course.

We will add more languages to the course, and if you have dokumentation in a specific language we can add it in our system and ensure that it is only used from your training center.

Cloud based
You register Online students and they enter the course and then return to you.

Screen shots
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Please contact us and we will give you an good offer for the Basic Online Course >>>