KNX Basic Online course
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The training contains soley therory part theached Online. The course can be completed with practical training and exam at your local training center. In that way you can have a course certificate and KNX Partner membership. When you opt for the course we contact your local training center.

The content includes all the important topics as stated according to KNX Association.

- System argument
- Communication
- Topology
- Telegram
- Bus devices
- Powerline
- Installation
- Planning with ETS Professional
- Commissioning with ETS Professional
- Diagnostic and error finding with ETS Professional

After completed training, with practical training, you have all the knowledge to work with KNX in a professional and profitable way.

The training includes about 3 days studying Online on the web in our well approved training system (Version 3). You can study in your own pace, usually maximum 3 months.

Certification and Partnership
This course is an online course and to get certification you need to do extra practical training and examination either at our training center or any other certified training center which we have agreement with. After these extra steps you will, after passed exam, get KNX certificate and possibility to be KNX Partner which will be a good base to build future work on. You will get a ETS 4 Lite license. You can use it to train before, during y and after the course. You will also get discount when you buy ETS professional, if you pass the exam. This to a common value of appr. 200 euros. Additionally you will become KNX Partner. A whole KNX package!

For companies and schools 590 €
Tax/VAT with 25% will be added.

You can make your application directly here.:

KNX Basic Online Course


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