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KNX (EIB) is used for building automation in the most types of buildings, in other words intelligent and smart buildings.

Tekniska Byrån arranges educations within KNX.

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The training center is certified by KNX Association in Brussels to perform the basic course and advanced course and tutor course. These are marked with the following logo

International courses
We offer a range which suites the most needs; Open Course, KNX introduction, KNX Basic course, KNX Advanced and KNX Tutor course.
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Managing TC
Are you running a training center and needs quality, administration and documentation routines? Here you will find services that will make it easier to run the training center. >>>

About the Training Center
Tekniska Byrån KNX training center it the worlds most supporting training center for Tutor training and starting training centers outside germany.

Swedish courses
We offer a range which suites the most needs; KNX Basic course (certified), KNX Advanced (certified), KNX Update , KNX Introduction course and more. Read further (in Swedish)>>>


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