KNX Advanced course
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The training is an additional course which follows KNX guidelines for the Advanced course and continuing after KNX Basic Course with both more theory of KNX-technology and more experience with laboratory work.

The Advanced course includes:

  • Flags
  • Coupler in complex buildings
  • Telegram
  • Logic functions
  • Visualisation systems
  • Heating (HVAC) control (i)
  • Light control
  • Security/alarm
  • KNX Secure
  • KNX and multimedia (i)
  • KNX and Energymanagement
  • Failsafe planning (i)
  • Additional ETS tools (i)
  • Interoperability

(i) Informative parts

After completing the training you have enough knowledge to work with KNX in a professional and profitable way in advanced projects.

The course is taught in english.

As a prerequisite, you should have completed a KNX Basic Course or equivalent.

Location and duration
The training includes five days located at our training facilities in Vetlanda or an auxillary location stated.

As you take this course at one of the KNX Association certified training centers and passes the examination you will receive a KNX-Certificate (Upgrade) which gives a good base to build your continued work on. Additionally you will have an extra mark in the partner databas at where is it marked that you have passed the exam för the Upgrade course.

This course is certified by KNX and meets the demands from KNX.

After the course you may apply for KNX Tutor course, whereafter you may start-up train and certify within a KNX training centre.

Companies 1850 EUR
(+VAT 25%)

Training sessions and application

Upcoming occations.
(You will be notified of new dates.)

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