KNX Tutor Course
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The Tutor training is a supplementary course which follows the guide lines for KNX Tutor Course with deeper knowledge about KNX. KNX tutor course is required for training at a KNX training centre.

The course includes the following areas:

  • KNX Requirements for Training Centres
  • Structure and Scope of KNX Association
  • KNX Software
  • History of Bus Systems
  • Serial data transmission & KNX Protocol
  • Microcontrollers
  • Application program
  • IP Communication
  • KNX Certification Scheme for products

After completing the training you have enough knowledge to train in KNX

As a prerequisite, you should have completed the KNX Basic and the Advanced Course. It is often possible to do these before or in combination.

The Tutor course is held in english with english documentation, if nothing else is stated.

Location and duration
The training includes three days located at our training facilities in Vetlanda , Sweden, or an auxillary location stated.

As you take this course at one of the KNX Association certified training centers and passes the examination you will receive a KNX-Certificate (Tutor) which gives a good base to build your continued teaching on.

This course is certified by KNX and meets the demands from KNX.

After the course you may apply to be KNX training centre, whereafter you may start-up train and certify students within a KNX training centre.

Companies and schools 2150 EUR
(+ VAT 25%)
In combination with our Advanced course you will get 350 EUR discount when booking together.

Training sessions and application

Upcoming occations.
(You will be notified of new dates.)

The courses are, normally, exclusively and only to international applicants outside sweden, if nothing else is stated. For applicants from within Sweden please refer to the in sweden offered courses .

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